Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga sessions help clients to understand, to practice, and to utilize the ancient wisdom passed down from the yogis of the Himalayas. Raja Yoga classes incorporate the following practices:

Asana for strengthening your body and preparing for meditation. Asana is a Sanskrit term meaning posture or pose. Asana is used to bring us to a unified state between mind, body, and spirit. This practice increases flexibility, improves core strength and balance, and brings you to a state of mindfulness.

Pranayama for managing your energy. Pranayama is a breathing practice that brings you to conscious awareness of the breath. Breathing practice provides an expansion of life force which energizes and relaxes the body.

Meditation for discovering what you truly are. Meditation helps you enter into and experience yourself as one with all existence. It is through meditation and oneness that we are able to achieve the yogic goal of moksha or liberation.

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Moksha or Kaivalya is true to its meaning and the soul rests in its essential nature. – Nyaya 1-22