About Masayo Kaneko

Masayo’s yoga practice is founded upon the ancient principles of mind, body, and spirit. She knows and understands that living holistically is essential for each of us in attaining our full potential. When you are in the presence of Masayo you can’t help but feel the beauty and stillness that emanates from the core of her being.

Masayo’s interest in yoga practice began while she was working as a registered nurse in palliative care in her homeland of Japan. It was through this work that she observed and experienced the importance of a holistic approach. In 2006, as her passion for yoga grew, she began to offer yoga therapy for her patients to discover that their quality of life improved significantly. This knowledge motivated her to deepen her practice so she could help others create a life grounded in well-being.

As a yoga instructor for nearly fifteen years, Masayo has traveled to Japan, India, and Tibet where she became certified in multiple yogic practices. These include the Japan Yoga Therapy Society where she began her studies of Raja Yoga in 2009 under the guidance of its president, Keishin Kimura. She continues her evolving studies with the Japan Yoga Therapy Society to this day. She also completed a yoga instructor certification course through Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana International University in 2010 and she completed her Yoga Therapy Instructor Course with them in 2017. Deepening further into her practice, Masayo continues to attend yoga retreats and courses throughout the United States.

Masayo moved to the United States in 2010 and began teaching yoga therapy in Phoenix, Arizona. She offers private lessons to clients, both in person and online. Her holistic yoga therapy programs include Isometric Yoga or Himalayan Style Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Raja Yoga.

Imagination is kindled by hearing words, seeing images, or experiencing feelings. – Yoga Sutra 1-15